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PPO's publications on paper

PPO's publications on paper

[Opis pliku  res912605273DE7432EACAA070AE99BBD82.jpg]International Patent Classification
8th edition (core level)

[Opis pliku res7E0EA33BE7A0439C950223C12AA1C150.jpg]Consolidated texts of the fundamental regulatory acts relating to the Industrial Property Act

[Opis pliku res0B38FB786D8D4ECBA3EAD8728542C986.jpg]Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - Regulations - consolidated text

[Opis pliku res0F85986080684AD89AD2CBD40764E4C4.jpg]Poland in European Patent Organization New tasks and perspectives

[Opis pliku res4D4969DB69904CDAA61A3441E949BAEE.jpg]Inventor's Guide Patent and utility model specifications - rules and tips

[Opis pliku resD6D22F85FFEA4C9A995F59F0CB111730.jpg]International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks under the Vienna Agreement 5th edition

[Opis pliku resCE0E773DC4984E1CAA38F6554D4C458B.jpg] English - Polish Glossary of terms concerning IP information and documentation

PPO's Official Journals

[Opis pliku resFECE3381F9524D988F65C0D8920C0AEB.jpg]Announcements on applications with regard to inventions, utility models and trademarks before the Polish Patent Office


[Opis pliku resAAD635C9820445409307C6C368115A50.jpg]Announcements on granted rights with regard to inventions and registrations concerning utility models, designs, trade marks, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits, and also provides information regarding changes within legal status


[Opis pliku resEACBACBC796B49D28964C15976F4C210.jpg]Decisions of the President of the Polish Patent Office. Official notices from the PPO


[Opis pliku resA1210FD2FE7644EFAF44CB302119AF2E.jpg]Full-text patent specifications in multiple copies

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Other publications
The PPO offers among others the following books relating to the industrial property matters:

[Opis pliku resE2097776132D41E898F76B323360743D.jpg]Protection of trade marks, industrial designs and geographical indications after accession to the European Union

[Opis pliku resFC91F4E650D94EDF9E44BF6A8F171C80.jpg]Industrial Property Law

[Opis pliku res10D63616D98C4FC9B66702224186A3EE.jpg]Assessing of material damage caused by infringement of the right of protection for a trademark in the German and in the Polish laws

... and also Polish versions of:

  • International Classification for Industrial Designs under the Locarno Agreement - 6th edition
  • Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks - 8th edition

In addition to the Polish Patent Office's publications on paper, you may consult the PPO's Official Journals on the Internet


WIPO glossary of terms concerning industrial property information and documentati


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

IMPORTANT HINT for non-residents (not applicable for convention regulations concerning international applications):

We are kindly informing that any persons not having their domicile or seat in Poland, in proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in matters relating to the filing and processing of applications and maintenance of the protection (including fee payments) of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits may only act when represented by a patent attorney with his seat in Poland (Art.236 of the Act Industrial Property Law).