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Urząd Patentowy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

e-IPC in Polish language went live

ModalityClassification system
Inventions and utility models
International Patent Classification (IPC)
Trade Marks
International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks
International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks
Industrial designs
International Classification for Industrial Designs


The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (PPO) announces that selected classifications are made available for accessing by any user free of charge in the national language:


We would like to draw a special attention to the Polish version of the International Patent Classification (IPC) which has been launched thanks to joint collaboration with the IT Operations Support Section of the World Intellectual Property Organization. The project has successfully been accomplished within the shortest period of time - just in couple of months after the initial arrangements. This was distinctly expressed in correspondence from WIPO directed to the Polish Patent Office. We had downloaded and stored the entire Eight Edition of the IPC including all versions up to the effective 2008.04 one.


This Internet publication provides among many electronic possibilities:

  • Searching and displaying selected entries at all hierarchical levels of the IPC (section, class, subclass, group, subgroup);
  • Consulting various versions of the reformed IPC at the advanced level (from version 2006.01 onwards the most recent version 2008.04);
  • Easy and friendly navigation along symbols over the classification;
  • Many more functions allowable in an Internet publication.


Concomitant with the Polish version of the IPC, efforts by WIPO were made to add this version to the IPC Bridge. This means that users have bridges to a number of non-authentic national language versions of the IPC 8 as well as to a certain number of the online databases. The same functionality works on the PPO’s side, namely – users can access the selected language version, or otherwise consult listed data bases where a criterion is the retrieved IPC symbol. The bridge to Polish resources of the esp@cenet retrieval system is also foreseen.


More details on e-IPC in Polish at: .

Other calssifications: